2035 Energy Outlook

By |marec 4th, 2020|energy policy, EU climate and energy 2030 framework, European Green Deal, News|

LUKOIL Vice-President for Strategic Development Leonid Fedun presented the 2035 Energy Outlook with a focus on oil markets and climate issues and initiate a discussion on the future of energy markets and possible ways of tackling global challenges. The...

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What’s in the German coal commission’s final report?

By |januar 28th, 2019|brown coal, Energiewende, energy policy, Energy transition, Kohleausstieg, Kohlekommission, News, phasing out coal|

With negotiations having lasted eight months and the outcome already postponed once, the German Commission on Growth, Structural Change and Employment (the so-called “coal commission”), has presented its final report. What's in it? EURACTIV Germany reports.

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